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Thread: WD sata vs WD ata100

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    Does anyone know how the WD Raptor 36gb 10.000 rpm sata drive perform against WD 80gb SE ata100..:?:

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    raptor owns.

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    Tom's Hardware reviewed the Raptor, but they did not compare it to the WD 800JB specifically. Maybe they've reviewed that drive at another time. They did include the WD 2000JB in the review among others though.

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    Hello, Friends...... I could not help but being totally interested in
    what you are discussing.
    I am so anxious to grab sata and the raptor, if only it were an easy decision how to invest, which way to go, add-on cards are all I can afford at the moment, but I have been rackin my brain and trying to research the subject/s, of methods to get support for sata Raid,(O, of course, but other raid standards may marry the speed of "o" in a better way than past versions,Theres sort of a lot to it, in a way, but not too much, really, or at least I am determined "to make it so", in time
    Going to the fundamental level or mother board/chipset upgrade level would have to be the long-run best efficient plan I feel like,although I do wonder,alot.
    I hope to figure out a good route to take in choosing a mother of a board, and get to eat as much cake as I can get up against, as
    far as the late frills i do not presently have in the order of: Raid,
    most likely sata raid,(firewire and tv-out,too if feasible) and I am very interested in learning whether I am right in "assuming" MB support for sata should be more desirable in most every category than pciCard sata support.
    Although there may only be a very few who have done both, anybodys views and/or experiences are much appreciated, and thanks, for any and all comments, no matter what.
    I am going to do something to the tune of 3-600$ in the near future, so any body else just also working at it, or who has any knowledge, do chime in....... and. thanks and thanks

    PS Can anyone recommend the cheapest place to buy Windows 95?

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    Haha, nice.

    I think this is a cut and paste from another forum, to make it look like hes a computer geek, and just to keep his spam post from being deleted.
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    I just read about these new drives here, and I'm quite intrigued. I went with a large 120GB drive on my main computer, and have always been a bit disappointed in its performance compared to others' benchmark results. My A7N8X DX mobo already has the serial ATA RAID controller I'd need to stripe 2 of these Raptors. I'd have 72GB of FAST storage, and still have 120GB of deep storage available on the ATA drive. Sounds like a great upgrade path to me, especially considering Asus now has a BIOS upgrade that'll let me use the newest 400MHz FSB Barton 3200+. I just got a lot happier with my hardware choices.
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