I just bought a Soyo Dragon lite and am plainng on setting up a RAID 0 with 2x40GB WD 8MB cache HD with an extra 15 GB WD Caviar 2MB drive. Now, I know some people will be opposed to the RAID 0 setup because of lack of redundancy. However, I already have a online backup account that backs up my data from my other computer every night (work computer) automatically, so I am just going to add this data to the Que to get backed up every night.
Now I put it to you. Would the best setup be to load the XP OS on the 15GB drive, the once that is setup, add the RAID 0 array from within windows and put all my data and games and swap file on them? Or, and I fugure this is a waste of space, but I have to ask anyway. Put the XP OS on the RAID aaray and use the 15GB drive for the swap file and other non-vital data? I personally like the firat idea, but I have seen some arguments for the other one. Anyway, let me know what you all think. Thanks folks!