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Thread: Dumb Newbie Question.

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    I had a brain-storm a couple beers--I mean--a couple hours ago & have no idea if it's possible, helpful, or dangerous. Could I partition my 40GHD into part 1 (big part) & make my comp. use it STRICTLY for storage, receiving downloads, etc. -and- part 2 (little part) STRICTLY for "operation" stuff, like virtual memory, temp. files, virus checkers, internet usage, etc.
    It seems maybe this could speed things up a bit because the comp. wouldn't have to rifle through a couple dozen gigs of "stored" files just to get those few pieces of info it needs at the time to do its' job.
    All input is welcome, good or bad. THX in advance.

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    I always partition my HDD's with 2-2.5GB for Win9x oses and 5 GB for WinXP with all other files on another partition.

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    yup. I do that all the time as well. That way if I choose the nuke my OS, it dosent affect teh files have stored as long as I install correctly and dont format the whole drive again.

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