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Thread: which device should go in which IDE channel (with a twist)?

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    I have the following devices:
    DVD reader
    CD burner (rarely used)
    primary HD
    secondary HD (stores music. Rarely used)

    I've always been told to put one hard drive (master) and one optical drive (slave) on each IDE channel. My questions is, am I getting better or worse performace with the following setup instead:

    Channel One
    Primary HD (master)
    Secondary HD (slave)

    Channel Two
    DVD reader (master)
    CD burner (slave)

    I figured this would be better, knowing that the two drives I use most are the primary HD and the DVD drive, so they should be masters on separate channels... but am I gimping my system? Please, enlighten me brothers and sisters!
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    You should never link a hard drive with an optical drive as that will slow the hard drive down due to the IDE channel runnin' at the speed of the slowest drive attached to it. The only suggestion I'd make to ya setup is to have the burner as the master and the DVD as the slave as burners need to control the IDE channel durin' a burn and that can't be done in the slave position (a lot of other problems will eventual turn up as well).

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