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Thread: Why does it always happen to me

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    you can simply convert the partition to FAT 32 via the windows drive converter (or whatever they call it)
    The slight problem here is I couldn't find the converter program in ME. I checked it out and it said I had to uninstall ME then convert in 98se then reinstall ME again. Seeing as I had installed everything when ME was running I would've lost all those files anyway.

    "british word for it"...hmmmmm......boinking?......or.....THATS it ........!!!Shagging his daughter).
    Shagging is one of them, Bonking is another one. Seeing as I live with her I don't really need to think about. : peace2:

    To save future headaches (and much tech support on your part) I would recommend redoing it as NTFS and installing XP (get with the times).....
    XP would be nice. However, he has only ever used ME. Being the sort of person he is he doesn't like change. He's only just changed over from his P2 300. Hes a head gaffer so he knows loads of rich young people who have all the latest stuff. Thats why he wanted a fast Pc built. Mind you it does look nice. Its got all the good stuff in it though.

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    Fat16? ME over 98?
    Man, you are going to be over there fixing the damn thing way too much to profit from that 100$ that you made.
    Supporting ME through its bugs will not be worth the effort.

    BTW Last time I checked NTFS supported drives in Terabytes. So if you got them XP, this problem wouldnt exist.

    I hope that your install of ME will survive :rolleyes:

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    Trust me guys I tried to get him to get XP. He wanted ME as thats what he has on his Laptop. Anyway hopefully partition Magic 7 will sort it out my little fopar. He;s only going to be using it for web browsing. And their on AOL. I also tried to get him to go broadband ho hum. He's not the sort person you can influence or some who listens to your suggestions. He's gone a bought a nice 15 Neovo TFT monitor but he says the writing is to small (its set on 1024x 768) I said when I pop round to sort the hard drive out I'll change the resoltution on the monitor. Oh No need I've bought a 17" flat screen. :rolleyes:

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    Why would he not want it? Explain to him that for all intents and purposes it works the same way....still has a Background, Icons, Internet Explorer, a Task Bar, and a Start Menu. They all just work heaps better.

    There isn't a whole lot of "change" involved...

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    Well I re did the partition last night showed him how to fax, copy all the rest of it. He's happy with it. I got the other 50. Which I expect is going to go on some new bass parts and Gods greatist creation Bitter!!!

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    if all else fails and you think your gonna look stupid in front of g/f or wifes dad just make it look like you know what your doing , works everytime , most father in laws make Luddites look like techs.

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    one thing though, why the f*ck are you making money off them, christ.. just go get a job, dont mooch of your girlfriend's parents, its just not right. and cant you set xp into classic mode, so it looks somewhat similar? o.O

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