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Thread: Firmware Fix For The Deskstar To Prevent A Deathstar

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    Anyone who has one of those drives should download the firmware update immediately to reduce the risk of hard drive failure and data loss.
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    :mad: when my deathstax raid setup died, this looks like a nice patch for the surviving twin. :thumb:
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    I am on my second 60GB deathstar, the first one had the click of death after less than a year. It would click three times at random hours of the day. The replacement only clicks once.

    I also read somewhere that IBM's response to this problem, is that this drive is not a server drive and was not intended to run for more than 8 hours at a time! Time to get a MAXTOR. IBM doesn't make these drives anyway, Hitachi now makes them.

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    It's usually systems that do alot of ideling time that gets into those problems. Because then the arm in the drive doesn't get to move and read/write. Those particular IBM drives with problems often lived mutch mutch longer within systems where they had to do some work without to mutch ideling.. :)

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    I would'nt touch Ibm's Hd's with a 17 ' pole nor hit-and-runt-attackchus(hitatchi's brand)

    You'd be better off never buying anything onther than Western digital or Seagate's brand of hard-drives. As they are Lab tested; the best of the bunch

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