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Thread: No Hard drive detected?!

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    Hey guys.

    I just completed a system for a customer. Obviously he wanted all of his stuff transfered from his old hard drive to his new one. So I couldn't be bothered to network the two and copy the files across so I stuck the old hard drive in the new pc and copied them that way. It worked well and everything was fine I got all of his files across no probs. Now here's the annoying bit. He has found someone to buy his old Pc so he wants all the stuff wiped off the hard drive and have a basic package put on it beofre he takes to his mate. Fine. I take it home with me and stick the old hard drive in the old Pc again ready to format. However now the old Pc won't recognise the hard drive. It won't even detect it in bios. Everything is plugged in - before anyone asks. :p Its a western digital drive quite a old one. I think he bought the PC about 3-5 years ago. Any ideas as I need to get this working.

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    have you tried setting the jumper on the hdd to Master? and does it spin up at all?
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    Yeah its set on master and the drive spins up.

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    check the bios and make sure that the ide chanel (ex secondary master or whatever its plugged into) is on AUTO.

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    Yeah, I got an idea. GIVE IT BACK TO HIM AND TELL HIM TO DO IT HIMSELF!!!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Just kiddin'. If you are getting paid, I would do what someone already suggested and check the bios to see if it is being recognised. It not, manually put in the drives inof, heads, cylinddfs, dcg.
    I would also check the jumper setting on the drive since you had to change them to transfer the finformation when you put it in the other computer.


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    If its the only drive on the channel you can try going with no jumper at all for whats called "cable select" will set it to master but its something to try at least.


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    I'm going to stick in my Pc at work to see if it is picked up. It might be that you have to enter the details on manually. If it some how it stopped working from his house to mine then I'll have to get a cheap second hand drive. Luckily its only 5gb.

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