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Thread: SCSI RAID0 performance problem

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    I'm trying to setup a high speed SCSI RAID0 for WINXP. I've tried an IBM ServeRaid 4L with Raid0 using 2 x Seagate 36G 15K drives. The performance was not a lot higher than a single drive.

    So I tried a Mylex 352 AcceleRaid card. Again, the Raid0 performance was only a little higher than a single drive.

    I'm testing with Sisoft, PCmark, ATTO and HDTach.

    I've also tried software Raid0 under XP with my current LSI 20140 controller, again no real gains.

    Am I missing something ? IDE RAID0 with the onboard HTP370 is smokin' fast compared to a single drive.

    Someone said there is a lot of overhead with SCSI RAID, and thats the problem.

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    Someone said there is a lot of overhead with SCSI RAID, and thats the problem.
    SCSI has less overhead than its IDE counterpart in large part due to its features and dedicated controller. Awhile ago, there was a thread in Storagereview forums about relatively poor performance with SCSI RAID and XP. Do a search. Another excellent forum for storage junky is the 2cpu forums. Plenty of feedback on optimising RAID and Storage in general. You omitted to mention what your setup was. I'm not a SCSI expert but I'm sure someone can point you in the right direction if you describe in better detail your setup such as what generation 15K Seagate you're using, motherboard etc.

    Those linked forums are a wealth of information.

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