someone here has donated a H/D which i think will tide me over for a bit (until the next gen athlon64 etc. major upgrade even!), its an IBM DTLA 307030 in perfect nick. From some hasty research it seems it was top drawer when it hit the market back in 2000/1 - sweet!

it certainly pwnz my maxtor 10gb according to sandra;-

C: maxtor st310212a = 10929 kb/sec

E: IBM dtla 307030 = 20050 kb/sec

one odd thing i noticed, according to the internet st310212a is a seagate H/D ?

2 questions please; how is that sandra score? for the IBM i mean.
and anyone know about seagate/maxtor?


thanks lads.

p.s. i posted similar in "what should i buy"