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Thread: anyone running Seagate Barracuda SATA?

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    I'm curious what kind of performance people are getting from these drives in a SATA system. I'm currently running a single Barracuda 120GB on SATA and am about to go out and buy and install a second one and set up an array. The thing is I'm not so impressed with the performance of this drive on it's own compared with a good ATA drive. It may be the benchmarks just don't do it justice but it feels a little slower also. Maybe a raid0 setup would improve things a lot on this drive.

    Running the onboard controller on my A7N8X deluxe.

    Anyone else running these drives?
    ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, Athlon Barton 2500+ with SLK-800 and 4800rpm 80mm fan, ATi 9700Pro(AIW), Dual 256MB Corsair XMS 3200c. Seagate Barracuda SATA. 200MHz fsb with 11X multiplier, RAM latency: 2,2,2,5

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    I agreee with you, I am running the Intel 875 Board and a P4 3.0 with the same drive and it is not what I expected at all. Feels quite slow and the responce (Burst Speed) is not much if at all better then the Maxtor ATA133 drive that was in there before.

    Thanks for the post I thought that it was just my pc!

    Thank you~

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    I am not sure wether I agree.
    I have the barracuda 80gb on the a7n8x deluxe 2.0 and think that it is much faster than my old ata100 drive
    But people do say thatI am wierd so that might be it
    amd 3000+
    a7n8x deluxe
    1gb pc2700 ddr 333 ram
    2 * 80gb Sata hd
    Radeon 9800 pro
    Coolermaster aero fan up to 3200+

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    I've got 2 x 120GB Maxtor DiamondMax SATA drives in a RAID array. I must say they perform better than any hard drive I've ever had, but that could also be the fact that it's my first real RAID...

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    Hi there,

    Yes i do find it quicker than the normal hard drive I have
    2x Maxtor 80gb and I seagate sata 160 gb as a slave and
    No Raid

    cheers:cheers: :cheers:
    Asus P4P Deluxe
    Intel 2.8 (800)
    1024 Kingmax Ram
    Audigy 2 card
    Gforce 3TI 200
    Dvd Rom
    Asus Burner
    Skyhawk Aluminium Case
    Antec 550 True Power
    21" HP 1120 Monitor
    Logitech 680 thx 5.1 Speakers
    4 Coloured Case Fans
    1 CathrodeLight
    2 Glowires
    Nexus Vantus Multi unit.
    80 gig Maxtor IDE
    120 Sata Seagate
    160 Sata Seagate
    MS Wireless Desktop Executive Edition.

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