:scream: :shoot2: :grr: :scream: Ahem, you get the point. It WAS my C: (the WD) that went. Summing up the events since Thurs. night when it refused to boot into windows:

I couldn't get it started, so I went down to the local PC shop on Friday to get some info/help. Waste of my time, I knew more than they did. I then went over to CompUSA and bought a 60GB CompUSA HDD (a Maxtor Diamond Plus HDD in a CompUSA box). It is identical to my other Maxtor, except it only had a 2MB, but for for $50, that's not bad at all; it's actually better than online prices :thumb: . Anywho, I brought that home, and installed XP Saturday morning. I then came to the realization that Dell put alot of useless crap on my old WD, what a waste of space and performance. Anywho, after changing the rails and drive configurations at least 10 times, I managed to copy all the needed data (first manually, then using Max Blast 3, which worked really well) to the new drive by connecting the New drive as a master and the WD as a slave directly to the system board. I then went and got my modem running, and then started installing drivers, Windows updates (SP1, etc.), programs, etc etc. Right now, I have the new drive running off as a master, and the old Maxtor as a slave, both connected to the IDE1 slot in the Controller card, both running at ATA/133. It's so fast, wow :wow: . Anywho, the biggest wall I've hit so far is Microsoft Works wont re-install cause Dell never gave me the Certificate of Authenticity for it, and I don't have the CD Key. *sigh* I've had quite the convo with Dell about it, and they gave a "generic" key to get it going. I'll try to install it tomorrow. Anyways, everything is running pretty damn good, considering what could have happened. So far, I have XP running and fully updated (although not tweaked yet), My McAfee firewall and virus scan running, my HDD's working perfectly, Video driver's installed, Audio Driver's Installed, some programs. Tomorrow I install Microsoft Works, Organize my Files and delete unnecessary copies of files, and then there will be a whole lot of tweaking :D . Anyways, I just thought I'd post and let everyone know, sry for the length, but, as you can see, alot happened. : peace2: Mista K6

EDIT: Also, all the old Documents and Settings Files I copied over from the other HDD arent deleting once I pull the files that I want out of them. I actually have to delete each file individually, and at that each file takes way too long to delete. What's going on here and how do I fix it?