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Thread: Why cant i just switch my current HDD into a new system??

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    Quote Originally Posted by skullshot
    when u change the system that dramatically, xp 2k nt, they all kick up a fuss, you could do same with a 98 install and it'd just redetect everythin and carry on after all the **** is installed, but ntx is a *****, and so if i get this problem i usually just format and set everything up how it was again, mind you i can get it identical within 9 hours... ask any1 that saw the resuults of my last format ;)
    saw? I didn't see anything... different from before... and thats the whole point :P
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    If you are wondering what the hell causes this, it has a name. It's called the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) and as Mr. Tweak said, it is to do with hardware and firmware level differences between motheroards, and as it works at a very low level in the OS, it can't be played with a great deal.

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    hmm.. I've had good luck using Aloha Bob's PC Relocator to move all documents and user settings from one PC to a new one.. you have to have a way of linking up the 2 PCs though [ethernet, laplink/nullmodem cable, or USB]. I never used it on any of my own systems but i have used it to help other people migrate to a new computer with no problems.

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