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Thread: 2 raptors in RAID

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    I have an Inteld845pebt2 with a 3.02 P4 processor and 2 raptor sata's. Could some one tell me how to set jumpers and configure them to run in RAID 0?

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    Well, you need a RAID contoller, either in your board, or as a controlelr card in your PCI slot. If you dont have one in your board, I really wouldnt bother putting them into RAID, as PCI RAID contoller cards are slow as hell.
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    unless you have a promise technology TX2000 raid card which blows away a majority of on-board raid controllers and takes overhead off of the CPU due to any processing that the raid configuration requires comes from the card rather then the system CPU itself much like a on-board sound and a pci sound card but if you really want to get picky pc's nowadays have such powerful processors it really doesn't matter.
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    I have a raid controler and have it working. Now I have to get a power supply that will support the new amp load. 16amps just "ain't" enough.

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    I`ve got the Intel D845PEBT2 mb myself running 2
    Seagate SATA drives in Raid 0 right now.

    You`ve got to prepare yourself to loose all your data
    if you want to configure a Raid 0 setup. That is unless
    you haven`t installed yet.

    The bios needs to be configured for SATA in the
    Drive section. The IDE is set to Enhanced and
    Raid is enabled.

    This is after you install the hardware.

    Restart the machine and catch the bios with F2
    again. You`ll need to enter the Raid setup and
    configure your HD`s. This comes before you see
    the bios pages. I`d use the auto configure for
    the first time.

    When you are in the bios again check the drive info
    to make sure the bios has seen the new blank raid 0.
    If not check your hardware and do a power down restart.

    If you`re planning to add any other non raid HD`s
    I`d install them after you had your OS installed.
    Win XP is a little slow and wants to pick a non raid
    drive as the drive c, no matter what you do.

    Go to the Boot order bios page to set your cd drive
    as the first to boot the Win XP ( optional ) cd.
    Reset the boot order to Raid first later.
    Otherwise set the order per your needs.

    If you install extra non raid drives be sure the
    bios is set to see the raid as the first drive on the
    boot options page.

    I`d disable the quite mode and quick mode bootup
    during your OS setup.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for the helpful information.

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