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Thread: Virtual Memory/Page File on 2nd HD?

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    I just installed a small Quantum HD (3 gig--I think) next to my 80 gig in my 2400XP comp. It is now empty &, like the big drive, formatted to NTFS.
    It is a slave on the same IDE channel. The big drive is "C" & the little one is "F".
    How do I use F to be C's Virtual Memory/Swap File? Just setting C to "none" & setting F to whatever doesn't look right, although it may be. It just don't seem that C would automatically look to F when it needs something, although this may be the case. I don't know.
    I just want C to access F when it needs some Virtual Memory or a "scratch pad" area. There will be no actual working programs on F, except what is necessary for managing the VM & a small amount of long-term storage, like pictures & old E-Mail's I need to keep.

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