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Thread: How can I burn 99min CD's

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    Does anyone can tell me how to burn a 99min CD ??

    I have one of the latest LG CD-RW burners and I'm using Nero 5.9. But I don't know how to set it to detect my 99min CD !
    If I click disc info it says it has only 703MB, that's an 80 min regular CD.
    Nick :P

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    80 minute/700mb is the largest widely support there is

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    99 min. CDs viloate standards so you are going to have a hard time finding software and hardware that supports it. LG drives are crap as far as I'm conserned and do not comply with standards themselves (not in a good way) so more than likely you will need a different burner to make use of your cd-r's.

    here's a little bit from nero's FAQ:
    3. How can I burn CDs that are larger than the standard 74 minutes CDs? Such as 80min and 90min CDs?

    Your CD Recorder must support the overburning feature. The Recorder must support this type of media as well. Some recorders support 80min media but will not support 90min or 99min media. You should make sure you have the latest version of Nero, though this is supported from Nero 5.0 and above.
    And you need to have the latest firmware for your model recorder, as it will contain information to enable overburning, but most importantly, it will contain Read/Write strategies for new CDR and CDRW brand of media and can resolve many issues you may otherwise run into.
    You MUST burn in Disc-At-Once or Disc-At-Once 96 write mode or you can not Overburn. The mutlisession mode is not possible, if you want to burn such CDs.
    You MUST enable overburning in Nero's File - >Preferences -> Expert Features, or if you have Nero Express, do so from More -> Configure -> Expert Features.
    And you must deactivate/disable Check for correct disc format from within Neros Files -> Preferences -> General, or from within Nero Expresss More -> Configure -> General settings.
    When you enable Overburning in Expert Features, you should use the below settings based on the size of media you are working with:
    For 80min media set to - 82:00
    For 90min media set to - 89:30
    For 99min media set to - 99:54:74

    Important Note: You can have always 99:54:74 min entered so it will always enable burning to the max.
    *oh ya, almost forgot... there is no need for 2 or more threads, the other one has been deleted.
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    minibubba thank you soooo much for your answer !
    I'll check everything out now
    Nick :P

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    I was recently chatting online with some fellows who use "oversize" CDs (I didn't even realize there were such things).

    They all use CD Mate and are quite pleased with it.

    sorry, hate to dissapoint - to date I haven't found a freeware that meets the need yet
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