well...I got my 2 120GB Maxtor HDDs, both same type
I plugged in the Silicon controllercard and connected the HDDs
I made a mirror RAID 1 setup and everything was working OK
Installed Windows...no problems
rebooted a couple of times because of driver installation...still no problems

untill...I rebooted this morning and got the message to press F5 because the RAID set wasn't complete
both HDDs are detected by the card
BIOS settings are:

1st boot device: SCSI
2nd: CDROM
3rd: FDD

looked on google for some info...a firmware update isn't possible
I also have 2 burners but these are connected to the secondary IDE controller on the mobo

any1 know whats going on...how I can fix it and how to prevent it in the future?

p.s. card worked OK in my old computer (already sold) with Stripe set RAID 0