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Thread: help! wd hdd clicks and slow

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    prob with a 120 gig wd hdd

    ok i searched this to see if anyone had the same prob...luckily i found a post that was the same...and im lost from it, anyways my wd hdd started like 2 weeks ago with a click here and a click there and just today it just went click crazy..funny thing is that i bought the same hdd and it came in the same day that it started to click. i got it from about a year ago. anyone have any solutions to this problem? the diagnotics thingy didnt work and i tried to reformat my drive cuz a blue screen appeared and said i might have had a virus so i just wanted to get it overwith with no hassle so i tried the reformat..didnt work so if its dying do u guys think i still have a warranty, im doubtful since the hdd only came with the hdd no retail box of any kind. if not i'll just return this in exchange for my new one i guess but pls help!!

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    If it's clicking, then more than likely, it's letting you know that it's about to disappear into digital heaven. Backup what you can now and prepare for the worst.
    Western Digital is really good about replacing harddrives under warranty, the only dig is that if you don't have a receipt for purchase, then the default start date is the day the drive was manufactured.
    They have a pretty user friendly website where you can check to see if you still have any warranty remaining

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