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Poll: Which is the Best/Recommended HDD???

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Thread: Which is the Best/Recommended HDD???

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    Well, as a small-scale system OEM and the like, I have tried every conceivable brand of hard drive since 1997 - and the only brand that has never failed once on me is Western Digital. My original 2GB AC22000L is still working to this day, with no bad sectors despite falling off the edge of my desk twice.

    Western Digital drives are also very tolerant of high PCI bus speeds, unlike most Maxor drives. They are also very well priced, and have a good warranty service (not that I've ever needed to use it!)

    So that's just my opinion :)

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    Am I wrong or did WD buy Maxtor? I say this cuz a bud of mine bought two drives not sure if it was a wd and a maxtor or a sg and maxtor. Anyway the installation pamplett was Identical for both drives. Any one heard of this.
    Buy the way I voted for max cause I own 4 of them and have had no problems so far. Though I am fairly new to OCing. As a matter of fact I have never had a drive fail on me in my 10 yrs of pc use. I still have my first 210mg hdd and it works fine.

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    Maxtor bought out Quantum. That's the only merger that I know of right off.
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    Maxtor and WD do not own each other!!
    I voted Maxtor cause I like the 740's (based on Quantum technology)
    but the WD's and seagates are good drives too.
    IBM is going to have to go a long way to regain their reputation as the leader in drives, too many bad product in a row, and too much stonewalling the problems.

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