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Thread: dvd-r and dvd+r

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    can someone pls tell me the difference between dvd-r and dvd+r.

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    They are simply two proprietary formats for burners, when it comes to playback in most home theater systems, it makes no difference to them if they're +/- R when they were created.

    The two formats are not interchangeable, if you don't have one of the multi format burners, (one that uses either type) so you can't burn a -R blank in a +R burner and vice versa

    Right now, there are tons of 4 speed multi format burners out there for less than $100, I've even seen a few 8 speeds running from $99 - $120, so just get one of those, then it won't make any difference which type blank media you buy
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    ive already got one and it supports both, i was just curious if there was any difference in quality, ect. thanks for the info though

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    Quote Originally Posted by swinger
    can someone pls tell me the difference between dvd-r and dvd+r.
    I think the two different formats are basically the same quality but I beleive the avantage of the newer DVD+R format is that it can do dual layer better than the DVD-R format increasing a blank DVD disc to X2 the space (not sure if the DVD-R format is even capable of dual layer). You ofcoarse will need a burner capable of doing dual layer burning and I'm not even sure if they exist yet to the public. In my opinion its kinda like the beta versus VHS and the beta =DVD+R where the VHS =DVD-R so far. Ofcoarse with all the new hardware capable of using both formats they might both survive together. I'm sure they will find (or are hiding for later marketing) a way to cram more stuff on a blank DVD like they did with the CD.

    Maybe when the blu-ray disc come out this year that hold 27 GB of data per disc and are capable of doing 100% HD quality all our Disc recording stuff we own today will be in the same place the beta machines are.

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