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Thread: need help please

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    heya peepz. i want to know if there is a freeware aside from cacheman that optimizes hard disks because i'm somewhat annoyed when playing need for speed underground because i only have 128 megs of ram then there is a lot of disk swapping!!!! the hdd led is always blinking then i can't truly enjoy the game because it is laggy. It always reads from the disk. I still dont have much money to buy more memory and I tried cacheman but it's still not enough help. Any Ideas how to tweak and extract any juice of performance from my hardisk? By the way. I'm using seagate 40 gig disk. Thanks guys!

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    sorry, but the only real way to reduce thrashing is to buy more RAM :(
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    What a stupid thread title, sadly there are far too many of them these days. :(
    If ya runnin' Win9x then 256MB of memory is best but if ya runnin' Win2K/XP then 512MB is the way to go though tellin' us what os ya usin' would be of more help. Havin' too many un-necessary background processes runnin' wouldn't help either but if ya are runnin' WinXP then try these 2 guides,
    and plese next time use a thread title that reflects the subject of the thread.

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