IWill P4HT mobo w/Onboard Promise ATA133 controller
768mb PC2100 DDR Ram
GF4 Ti4200 128mb
DVD-Rom (Installed on IDE 1)
CD-RW (Installed on IDE 2)
Hercules Digifire Soundcard
100gb WD SE HDD (Installed on IDE 1 of Onboard Promise)
WinXP Pro

I recently picked up 2 40gb 7200rpm Maxtor fluid bearing hdd's and a Promise TX4 Raid Controller. I wanted to experiment with Raid 0.

So after getting my array set up and going through the F6 setup process with XP, I'm having problems booting from the array.

There is no setting in my BIOS (Latest) to boot from Raid/Scsi. Only Onboard Controller (ATA133).

The only way I can boot from the array is if I disable the Onboard controller. When it's enabled, the 100gb hdd is my C drive and the array becomes D.

Any thoughts ?