I just bought 2 new WD Raptors and I am just wondering how to install them:
As for my other system specs:
-Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
-Asus Radeon 9800XT
-384 mb RAM
-Raidmax Cobra case
-1.8GHz CPU O/C TO 2.43
-60GB HDD From WD
Think that's everything. How will this work out? Want to put them in RAID 0+1(safety and performance; a little confused on how to this, do I need to make 2 different arrays which will work together?). Worried a little about temp(3 original fans and 1 one Vantec Thermoflow on CPU) and if I have to do anything about my current HDD(format etc.) As I want them in RAID how will I make the connections. I am thinking that i have to connect it to the sata raid port and not the regular sata, also does it have to be connected in a specific order ex: 1 HDD to sata raid 2 and 2nd HDD to sata raid 1(order in which listed 1st 2 then 1 on mobo). When do I install the drivers for it?
Thank you in advance for the replies