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Thread: Raid System Help

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    Default Raid System Help

    Ok here is what I got

    I do alot of video encoding and Im try to find away to speed things up little, Here is my system that I have now, my question is, would a raid setup speed up the encode, because of the faster transfer rate.

    Xp 2500
    1g Ram Muskin
    Asus A7n8x-D v2.0
    Ati 9800np
    SATA Seagate 160g 7200rpm
    ATA 133 Maxtor 80g secondary 7200rpm
    Lite-on [email protected]
    XP2500 o/c to 2100mhz
    Ram set a default Aggresive.

    A few of the benchmark test for HD, like HD Tach tell me my speed between the two drive is not alot,both are in 45,000 to 50,000kb/sec. If a raid setup would help me be faster, I would buy a another drive to match one of these that I have. Or is the bottle neck the CPU, I know it runnning at 100% while encoding. Any help would be great
    Barton XP 2500
    A7n8x Deluxe v 2.0
    11/200 w/1.7
    39-44c temp
    1g 512x2 Kingmax DDR 2700
    80g Maxtor 8mb cache 7200rpm/133
    40 IMB 7200rpm/133
    SB Audigy
    8500DV ATI AGP
    11/200 1.7v on core
    Volcanno 9 heatsink/fan
    2x 80mm case fans

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    Default Re: Raid System Help

    A RAID 0, 01, or 10 array might speed thinks up a bit, but not nearly enough to justify the cost, if at all. If you want faster encoding, you'll need to swith to a Pentium 4 or AThlon 64 system.

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    Default Re: Raid System Help

    Ideally an Intel platform for video encoding.

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