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Thread: RAID Swap?

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    Default RAID Swap?

    I have 4 drives in two RAID 0 arrays on a 4-port PCI card, I also have new parts on the way which includes a new MB with onboard SATA controllers.

    Will my data be preserved when I move over to the new controllers as long as I keep the same config?(stripe size/drive order)

    My best guess would be yes, but I was wondering if anyone here knows for sure.


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    Default Re: RAID Swap?

    I answered this one myself by doing it. The new controller did not recognize the existing RAID 0 and I had to rebuild it. Also, XP completely freaked out with the new hardware, I could not even reload on top of what I had...even though I kept the old controller card. I had to reformat..DOH!

    Interesting though, is that I am going to use one drive for C so when I took the extra drive out, windows setup still recognized it as the 73gig(2x36gig). I had to remove/rebuild the partition.

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    Default Re: RAID Swap?

    I thought that everyone knew now that when you change mainboards you have to reload XP.

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    Default Re: RAID Swap?

    Quote Originally Posted by wayout44
    I thought that everyone knew now that when you change mainboards you have to reload XP.
    If I was the last one that didn't, then yes...everyone now knows that you have to reload XP with a mainboard swap.

    I was primarily wanting to know if the RAID would stay intact from controller to controller. Judging by the lack of replies, It seems nobody knew that.

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    Default Re: RAID Swap?

    Actually we (or at least I) visit unregularly and you had answered yourself by the time we (again, at least I) even saw the thread. ;)

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