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Thread: Trouble trying to connect 4 IDE HD's

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    Default Re: Trouble trying to connect 4 IDE HD's

    You're using WinXP? If so then the reason that fdisk isn't seeing the partition is that it is using NTFS. fdisk is ancient in computer years and only recognizes up to FAT32. Since it cannot "see" the NTFS partition, it just tells you it doesn't have one. It would do the same thing if you were to use it on a Linux drive.

    As to using fdisk to kill the current partition and repartition, while this process won't kill the data on the drive, it can be difficult to recover using any type of recovery software package. It can be especially hard to recover if your data is fragmented.

    If you think the 100GB drive is bad, try hooking it up as the Primary Slave with just the bootable drive as the Master (no other hard drives) and see if you can access it. Also double check all hard drive jumpers as some are notorious for being very picky and not all drives have the same pinout for jumper settings. You might also make sure there is a small metal strip in the jumper. While rare, it is possible for the metal strip to work its way out and get lost, which makes the jumper useless as it can't short out two pins anymore.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Trouble trying to connect 4 IDE HD's

    Sorry, I should have been more clear. While there is Win XP on this particular PC, I normally use Win2K Pro, and most if not all of my hard drives are Fat32 not NTFS. I have a few HD's I use for different purposes (testing, etc)..... As for your recommenation, I will try that, and will also try to boot it in my other (Win2k) machine.

    Thanks again.


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