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Thread: 300gb hdd displayed as 30gb

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    Default 300gb hdd displayed as 30gb

    my 300gb maxtor only shows a tenth of its capacity in windows and the bios, i'm completely stuck. the drive is a slave to my 120gb drive, any help would be appreciated, thankyou.

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    Default Re: 300gb hdd displayed as 30gb

    Have you checked to see if there is just a 30GB partition and the rest is unformatted space? If you're using WinXP you can address this through the Disk Management utility. If an older OS you can use something along the lines of fdisk to look at the hard drive and its unallocated space.
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    Default Re: 300gb hdd displayed as 30gb

    If it was a partition issue, then it would still show up normal in the BIOS.

    Check your jumper settings, sounds like it's set to 32GB Clip mode / CLJ mode. Here is a diagram showing the proper jumper settings, depending on the drive. Find your drive and then pick the appropriate jumper setting (NOT the CLJ settings)
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