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Thread: Connecting 1 SATA, 1 ATA, 1 DVD rom, 1 CD-RW on Asus P5GD2

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    Default Connecting 1 SATA, 1 ATA, 1 DVD rom, 1 CD-RW on Asus P5GD2

    i was thinking to add new IDE device when i bought cd-rw drive for my P5GD2 Asus motherboard.

    problem is, asus p5gd2 only has one PRIMARY IDE on motherboard.
    so i set my cd-rw drive as primary master and my 80GB ATA as primary slave on PRIMARY IDE on motherboard.
    the SATA itself is on third master.

    if talking about RAID-ing, ATA and SATA couldn't be configured as RAID could they?

    nb: in manual along with the package about IDE RAID connectors (40-1 pin PRI_RAID1 [red], SEC_RAID1 [red]), it says :
    These connectors are set to IDE mode by default. In IDE mode, you can connect IDE devices to these connectors such as boot/data hard disk drives or optical drives. If you intend to create an IDE RAID set using these connectors, see the ITE8212F Controller item in the BIOS to RAID Mode.
    i assume this PRI_RAID1 act as secondary master/slave when set to IDE mode. Therefore I connect my DVD-rom on PRI_RAID1, but this seem doesn't work. (not detected on windows)

    any help please?
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