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Thread: Corrupted Partition

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    Default Corrupted Partition


    I recently formatted my box for various reasons, yet, when the format was complete, one of my partitions completely corrupted!

    In short, I have 4 partitions. One for windows and prog files, one for games, one for exes n music etc, and one last one for swaps.

    When I reinstalled, I formated the partition for windows, reinstalled, and rebooted. When I tried to access the 3rd partition, I got the error message: "E:/ Is not accessable. The disk structure is Corrupted and Unreadable."

    I tried a few programs to assess it and see if I could salvage any of it, but the partition doesnt show up on any of them. I've tried readin a few articles to find a way to fix this (If I can) but all them talk about rewriting boot sectors and crud I dont understand :S

    I lost like 50GB on this drive of stuff I'd like to keep. Anyone know of a way I can? Or should I just format and forget it?
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    Default Re: Corrupted Partition

    If a simple chkdsk /r doesn't fix it, then you'll have to use a file recovery tool. If the hard drive is physically damaged, that might not work.

    BTW, unless that fourth partition is on a seperate hard drive, having the paging file on it hurts performance.

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    Default Re: Corrupted Partition

    I suppose using Data Recovery tool - Partition Table Doctor or EASEUS DataRecoveryWizard.
    It is imho the best one among it's family. Easy to use and powerful.
    It actually never failed me before. Recommended!

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