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Thread: SATA help!!!!!!

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    Default SATA help!!!!!!

    i am wanting to by a new motherboard because my old one is stuffed
    can anyone tell me if my IDE HDD will run on this motherboard?

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    if anyone can help please email me [email protected]

    thank you

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    Default Re: SATA help!!!!!!

    A link to the board would have been nice so folks don't have to Google your component...

    While I would have guessed correctly anyway, I went ahead and double checked the manufacturer's spec sheet and yes, this motherboard will handle your IDE hard drive. The reason I would have guessed so anyway is because SATA optical drives have not yet become popular enough to do away with the IDE standard, even on newer mainboards.

    Finally, I won't be emailing the above address since that kind of defeats the purpose of having a forum set up... doesn't it? If you like, you can turn on email notifications in your User Control Panel so you will be notified when somebody responds to your topic.
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    Default Re: SATA help!!!!!!

    I'm having a bit of a problem. I have a WD74G 10k Raptor SATA drive and I have two IDE HDD's that I want to install. One is a Maxtor 7200 300GB that is brand new. The other is a Samsung 7200 40GB from my old computer that has XP 32bit on it and vital info on it. I would like to hook both IDE drives up and use them as storage drives. I also have a DVD-Rom and DVD-RW, so I need those hooked up also. Right now, the DVD-Rom is in IDE 1 with the DVD-RW in the slave connector of the cable. The Samsung is plugged in IDE 2. The Raptor is in one of the SATA ports. Right now I have the Samsung hooked up with the jumper in the master position and of course the Raptor is hooked up too. It boots past the BIOS setup option screen then goes black with a underscore flashing in the top right corner. Can anyone help me? I went into BIOS and switched the boot order to boot the Raptor first. It says:

    Primary IDE master: none
    Primary IDE Slave: Samsung
    then detects the Raptor as Third Master.
    There is a jumper on the back of the raptor also.

    Another question once I get the hard drives in order: would it be possible to choose to boot up XP 32-bit from the Samsung or XP 64-bit from the Raptor at will?

    Thanks for any help guys!
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    Default Re: SATA help!!!!!!

    No jumpers on SATA drives, yes you can dual boot the OSs, google for the "how to". I suggest leaving all other HDDs unplugged till you get the SATA drive the way you want it. BIOS boot glitches were not uncommon when SATA was implemented.

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