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Thread: DVD-R 8X and Up to 16X Disks

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    Default DVD-R 8X and Up to 16X Disks

    I recently bought a Sylvania DVD/VCR Recorder. I called their tech support team and was told I could only use DVD-R 8X disks only. They also told me I had to buy certain brands of these dvd disks; like Maxell, Fuji, Memorex, Verbatim, and TDK.

    About 2 months+ ago I bought a 25 pak of Verbatim DVD-R 16X disks (the label says "up to 16X"). I told the tech I was talking to about this and he said, those probably won't work, get 8X only.

    I haven't tried them yet (haven't hooked the recorder up yet) but I don't understand why an "up to 16X" disk won't work. I'd bet money they will work. I haven't opened the package yet and don't want to waste these if they won't work in this recorder. I could trade them for 8X hopefully.....are the 8X harder to find? Seems to me most are 16X these days.

    Any comments on 8X verses "up to 16X?

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    Default Re: DVD-R 8X and Up to 16X Disks

    IT really comes down to the firmware the burner is using and I bet there is a very good chance they will not work. All blanks are not hte same. It is not the 16X part that is the problem. It is the fact that it is not a supported brand name blank. That happens all the time with DVD burners. THey may work, but there is no guarantee.
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    Default Re: DVD-R 8X and Up to 16X Disks

    ive used hundereds of those exact same discs at 16x and have never had a single failed burn. im using a NEC drive though, dunno whether that would make a difference.
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    Default Re: DVD-R 8X and Up to 16X Disks

    As casecutter said, the burner may very well not support faster discs due to firmware that was only coded to support up to 8x (as 8x was probably the fastest speed you could get when the firmware was produced) and it likely just can't recognise these faster speed discs at all.

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