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Thread: How to format a new hard drive?

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    Default How to format a new hard drive?

    I'm trying to format a brand new hard drive to use as a second drive in my computer tower, but for some reason I can't figure out how to format it.

    When I plugged it in, my computer recognized it as "New Hardware Found".
    Then, it showed another message saying "New Hardware Ready to Use"

    So, I did exactly what I did last time to format.
    I went to this screen:

    Then, I went here...

    And, then to this screen where I should be able to "see" the new drive so I can format it...

    I'm pretty much stumped by now as to find a way to get the new drive to show up here in this third sceeen so I can format it which after that's done it will show up as a healthy drive just like the others.

    Anybody got any ideas about what I can do?
    (Note: C,G, and E are the drive that were in my box BEFORE I started adding this new drive so none of these ARE NOT the drives that is the new one I just installed)
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    Default Re: How to format a new hard drive?

    1- Scroll down in that bottom box and see if you find a reference to the new drive. All the drives seen in the current view have drive letters assigned and will appear before any unallocated drive space or drives.

    2- If you still do not see the new drive, go into the Device Manager and make sure there are no errors on the drive. Also make sure you didn't accidentally knock any of the wiring loose to the new drive. If it is IDE drive you will need to properly configure the jumpers, if SATA then no jumper settings are necessary since each SATA channel allows for a single drive.
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