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Thread: power cut and Data gone?

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    Question power cut and Data gone?

    Hi, a few days ago there was a power cut at my house and it also shut off my pc. However when i tried to turn it back on after the power had returned, it wudnt boot to xp. The XP loading screen would come and then, there wud be a quick blue flash and the pc would reboot. So i pressed F8 while booting and chose to "not reboot on errors". So this time i saw the error and it was something generic, check your disk drive or contact the manufacturer etc.
    I went in my bios to change the boot priority to my CD rom drive and put in the windows CD, thinking maybe i could re-install windows or repair my current windows. So i booted through the CD and when i went to install a fresh copy of windows, it didnt show my partitions, it only showed 1 unpartitioned 130 GB space. My hard drive is a Western Digital 250GB drive(WD2500KS) and it had 3 partitions before the powercut. So i tried to repair the windows installation or so i thought that the wizard would repair it for me, but it just brought me to a DOS like screen. And i couldnt access my harddrive(i remembered old commands from my days of using DOS as a kid, such as cd dir etc).
    Unable to access my hard drive or boot into windows, i had to order another hard drive, this time i ordered a Seagate 250 GB(ST3250620AS), loaded windows and all my drivers etc onto it and it also shows only one partition for my WD drive. When i try to explore it, it says "format now?"
    Did i lose all my data??? If so, is there anyway of retrieving it?? i had some precious files on there :(((

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    Default Re: power cut and Data gone?

    oh i also ran SeaTools on both the drives, both checked out fine.

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