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Thread: Help w/HD Tune results on 2 HDs?

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    Question Help w/HD Tune results on 2 HDs?

    Hi guys. I downloaded a program called HD Tune, but unfortunately I'm unsure what the results mean. I ran these tests on my two SeaGate Barracuda SATA HDs. I'm building a new computer and I'm trying to decide if these drives are still good enough to go into the new build.

    This drive has my OS on it:

    This drive is blank:

    I appreciate anyone who can tell me what these results mean. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Help w/HD Tune results on 2 HDs?

    It is simply a graphic to show you how your drive if functioning. On your colored graph to the left you have blue lines and yellow sprays. The numbers to the right are using the same colors but in actual numbers rather than a graphic. Hard drives often have slower response rates when you get near the end of the drive. The numbers to the right indicate your best and worst results for the transering of data as well as an average number. The access time reference simply gives you an average of the drive's performance. Unless you are a true geek, you can disregard the Health tab unless you see something that fails (shows as something besides "Ok" in the Status column.
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    Default Re: Help w/HD Tune results on 2 HDs?

    I'd use em - that way you can put more of your hard earned $$$ into graphics/ram/cpu/mboard/case/cooling/the help kheldar fund/ etc


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