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Thread: SATA PCI-e Controller card -- Non-RAID -- suggestions?

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    Default SATA PCI-e Controller card -- Non-RAID -- suggestions?

    I'm looking for a quality, non-RAID SATA II PCI-e controller card (probably will be x4 or x8; no biggie, I have a free x16 2.0 slot available). My Gig EX38-DS4 has 6 SATA ports, but I have a couple of issues: My case (an Antec P180) puts the ports in the corner. They are a BEE-AYTCH to work with, so I'd prefer to leave them alone. More to the point, I went SATA on my Blu-Ray and DVD-RW drives, have 2 HDDs, and the Gig came with an eSATA back plate that takes the last two SATA ports. I only need one eSATA, but you see where this is going... I'm a-runnin' outta SATA.

    I've seen those lousy one- or two-port controller cards for $20-$30, but I've got full SATA II, so why bottleneck? And why, with that big case, should I? But I don't need a RAID solution; I have offsite backup and immediate restoration is not a prime concern. (The vital stuff is on a 500gb eSATA/USB.) I just have craploads of data, and a couple of 500gb enterprise class drives spare.

    To get to the freakin' point: I've seen two solutions that seem to meet my needs: the StarTech PEXSATA24E (4 internal and 2 external ports, but only 4 in operation at a time? I can live with that ) or the Rosewill RC-218, which isn't even out yet. (Actually, they're virtually identical cards, PCI-e x4, with the same Marvell 88SX7042 chipset and the ability to turn on/off either or both of the external ports to get to the 4 active ports.) Problem is, my research isn't turning up reviews, and neither company has a perfect reputation regarding quality or reliability. I'm on a budget, can't afford a $500 solution, and shouldn't have to; I just need more SATA ports (ideally, 4 internal and 1+ external). I can't be alone in this, right? Any suggestions?
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