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Thread: Raid & Windows XP

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    it basically merges the two physical drives (two hdds) into one logical drive (ie - C: ). So using RAID 0 on two 40GB drives will give you, in theory, an 80GB drive. When it goes to write data on the drive, it splits the data across the two drives, so it can write almost twice as fast...

    Some people say that this is a bit dodgy, cos if one drive crashes, then you lose the data on both. but it's the same as having an 80GB drive, just different hardware....

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    Thanks again Beefy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbidad
    ok...I am kinda confused...Doubles your space? with my 2-40 giggers I will be able to utilize the true physical space?
    But with a higher performance?
    yeah, sorry, i had the drift of what i was saing in my head, didn't come out right tho :o

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    Well thanks Andy! Any post is better than NO post!

    I am greatful for this site and it is people like you guys that make it happen!

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    no probs. ;) it's very rare around here that I can dispense decent advice..

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    stop laughing at me, biatch..

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