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Thread: SATA optical drives

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    it does depend on the mbaord and what mode the sata controller is in - some sata controllers work just like the old IDe ones did - no drivers required, others require drivers, other have settings on them in bios to swap between modes - generally if your sata is in raid mode you will need drivers

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    Was a driver issue with my mobo. I updated to this and now it works fine.
    WinXP/2k- nForce4 AMD

    Thanks for the replies, really appreciated.

    On a sidenote, the drive comes with Nero. I installed it, custom install but somehow it still managed to install some funny search indexing software without telling me. Consumes about 20mb of my RAM and sits on the task bar. I can't find a way to uninstall it without uninstalling Nero so I had to manually block it (msconfig).

    When will software vendors learn that nobody (especially power users) want bloatware or other programs sitting in the background serving no useful purpose but to consume RAM and CPU cycles. Why does everything you install want to run on system startup for no reason.
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    That is why I started using a freeware utility called AShampoo... it just burns.

    Glad your problem is solved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthtanion View Post
    To the best of my knowledge, SATA drivers are only required when loading WinXP from boot, just like they are needed for SATA hard drives when loading WinXP (you know, the F6 drivers). Vista has native support for SATA devices so does not have the requirement for the install drivers.

    From then on, the manufacturer may or may not recommend a driver installation to handle all the capabilities of the device. Most opticals do not require this, but if they are needed then the manufacturer's website should have them for download.
    Being a newbie and not knowing any better I am in the process of botting up a new machine right now with 2 SATA DVD writers and in order to install XP Pro SP2 stuck it in the drive and selected CD from the boot menu and it is installing as we speak. Currently it is formatting the HDD, and I suppose it might yet look for drivers, but I suspect the Gigabyte mobo that has all those groovy SATA plugs on it already came loaded with drivers?

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