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Thread: 2nd Hard drive Crashes Windows 2K Continously

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    well that is odd that the 60GXPs dont work with win2k, as mine works fine

    usually it boils down to drive speed settings and cables. IBM have a utility to adjust settings such as noise level concious operations, speed, temperature, etc.

    why not test your IBM drive on the secondary master/slave position, rather than same ide channel as the main drive

    i myself use both maxtor and IBM drives, also, i have constant contact with seagate drives as well, and from my experience, i have had 2 quatum (now owned by maxtor) drives die, along with one IBM. the IBM 40Gb drive ran cooler than the 80Gb maxtors i have, and segate 20's are cooler still, the 2 quantums we had were like furnaces and only 9Gb each

    the fact of the matter is, that no drive lasts forever, and i think as drive sizes increase, heat is an inevitable obsticle if no newer technology is introduced, and from what i have seen, most HDD company's are all trying new things, and we need this, as I want more bigger hard drives for my array of disks ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sKuLLsHoT
    well that is odd that the 60GXPs dont work with win2k, as mine works fine
    i forgot to mention, mine is a 60 gig one

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