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Thread: problem using WD DataLifeguard Tools CD in combo drive

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    Default problem using WD DataLifeguard Tools CD in combo drive

    hi, i am new to this site, looks like u all might be able to give me some help.
    to make it short...last month both HDDs failed in my HP M8120n TV PC core2quad (used Vista Premium) and i couldnt boot into "safe mode" because of a bad sector in the recovery partition of the HDD. anyway, i bought an OEM WD Caviar 7200 WD5000AAKS HDD but being OEM it didnt come with the install disk so i made an Boot disk off WD's site. the disk will work in another computer i have but when i put it in mine, it wouldnt play, it just shows "driver not found". but the BIOS recognizes the combo drive (it also recognizes the new HDD), and it shows on the boot screen. i have the install version of Vista Ultimate and used it and the vista disk played...but not the datalifeguard tools disk. i have the option of installing a floppy drive.
    any thoughts?

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    Default Re: problem using WD DataLifeguard Tools CD in combo drive

    I'm not sure I am understanding your problem in its entirety, but I'll try to give advice as best I can.

    First off, you should not need a floppy boot disk. Since the drive is a 500GB model I am assuming it is a SATA device. Vista will read a SATA drive with no drivers needed, so if you have a retail version of the Vista OS you should be set.

    Secondly, you state that you have an installation disk for Vista Ultimate but a license for Vista Premium? While Vista gives you a 30 day trial window, it should still be able to install... BUT... you will run into licensing issues if you cannot install the Premium version of Vista to your new hard drive. Media is media so you can probably troll around the torent sites and get an ISO for Vista Premium Retail. Since you are already properly licensed for the Premium version, you should be all right. Of course, your OEM license may or may not work for the new install (gotta love Microsoft sometimes). If that ends up being the case, you should be able to make contact with HP and tell them the drive was toasted and you need an installation disk for your machine.

    As for the WD DataGuard software, that is not necessary and in actuality is pretty worthless, so don't worry about it too much.
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    Default Re: problem using WD DataLifeguard Tools CD in combo drive

    ill agree its hard to understand my problem. to sum it all up, the problem really is is the CD-DVD combo drive, i dont understand why the datalifeguard CD wouldnt "work" in it but the vista ultimate install disk would. the OEM drive was the HDD, and it is SATA. i didnt get vista ultimate in OEM but i DID get it in the retail version, which includes the product key. i didnt go thru the entire vista install ( i just got up to the "choose your language" screen). i wasnt going to put premium back in it.
    can the vista install disk also format the new HDD?
    if u havent noticed i have never done this b4 and is a dummkofph at doing it.

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    Default Re: problem using WD DataLifeguard Tools CD in combo drive

    Yes you can format with your Vista install disk. I think the issue with your combo drive may be just as it told you "Driver not found" as it may need The Intel Chipset drivers installed to run and or any drivers that came with it

    So just use your vista to install whatever version you want, then format once you get to the disk screen and then once in vista install all updates and your Intel Chipset drivers package

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    Default Re: problem using WD DataLifeguard Tools CD in combo drive

    when i got up to the "install drivers screen" it said it couldnt find the intel chipset drivers for the combo drive, and i looked online and couldnt find them either, but what i did find was that this certain combo drive isnt supported anymore, so ill get a new drive.
    thanks for your help

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