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Thread: question about ide cable on a new board

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    Default question about ide cable on a new board

    I'm putting together my first system, and getting a new motherboard, which has only 1 IDE port. I know, that old thing. I have 4 hard drives, and 3 are SATA, but 1 is IDE, and I'd still like to use it for storage. But my DVD drive, which is new, is also IDE. So I'd like to connect both of these IDE devices, but I have only 1 port.

    Right now, I am using a standard dual device flat IDE cable, which connects my IDE hard drive (my main drive) to my DVD drive. My question is, I'd like to buy a cheap IDE round dual device cable to save space in my new system, and connect my IDE hard drive and DVD drive to my new motherboard using just the 1 available IDE port. But my main drive will be SATA now. Can the IDE port be used to connect a DVD drive and a secondary hard drive, or will this cause problems? If I burn a DVD, for instance, will the secondary drive have to "wake up" because it's connected on the same cable (I let my extra drives shut down if they haven't been used after a bit)? Will the DVD drive operate correctly, or should I just bite the bullet and buy a new SATA dvd drive? I hate to have to do that, though.

    Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me.

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    Default Re: question about ide cable on a new board

    A hard drive and optical drive can be used together on the same IDE channel, but your HDD will have a hindered operating speed since it is slaved to a slower device.
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    Default Re: question about ide cable on a new board

    Glad to hear that it will work. As long as the DVD drive will function properly, and its speed not affected, I'm okay with it. I'll just be using the IDE HDD drive for additional storage space anyhow, so a speed decrease on that drive will be okay. Heck, that's what my current system is set up as now, anyways. It will be so good to finally have a SATA primary drive.

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