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Thread: Warning to ALL SEAGATE Hard Drive Users (Firmware Bug Bricks Drives on Reboot)

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    Exclamation Warning to ALL SEAGATE Hard Drive Users (Firmware Bug Bricks Drives on Reboot)

    I just had my 3 month old seagate barracuda 7200.11 brick. Bios won't recognize the drive on reboot and that led me to much research and finally found there is a massive problem with many drives manufactured before Decemeber 2008.

    Seagate fixes 7200.11 drives--except when it doesn't | Crave - CNET

    Seagate offers fix, free data recovery for bricked Barracudas - The Tech Report

    "Seagate recommends that users with 1.5TB, 750GB, 640GB, 500GB, 320GB, and 160GB Barracuda 7200.11 drives, along with some Maxtor and ES.2 models, all install the firmware update."

    But many users have already been hit mind you...

    Mod's seeing the huge amount of seagate drives affected please make this a thread.

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    Default Re: Warning to ALL SEAGATE Hard Drive Users (Firmware Bug Bricks Drives on Reboot)

    Yeah that same problem hit me too! :( But righ before surrendering data recovery companies I managed to fix it with the help of the guys on this forum . By the way, many users report that their hdds got worse with the firmware update. I have ST3500320AS hdd , managed to revive it without data loss and it's been chugging along without any issues. And it still has the faulty firmware on it, at least there is a method to recover it if it occurs again ;) Should you decide to update the firmware be prepared for the consequences if you already have data on it.

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    Default Re: Warning to ALL SEAGATE Hard Drive Users (Firmware Bug Bricks Drives on Reboot)

    I ran two ST3500320AS drives in raid 0 for over a year before one collapsed and I lost all my data. To this point I had so much faith in the machine that I didn't backup. So I sent it back to have the firmware reflashed and during that period I came across two ST3500320AS drives at a swap meet and bought both for a bargain. I came home and reflashed them using Seatools etc and they've been working fine since. Like so many I was a die hard seagate fan and recommended them to everybody. All things considered, one problem after owning so many seagate drives isn't so bad, especially when the company is bending over backwards to help. I will still continue to buy seagate.

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    Default Re: Warning to ALL SEAGATE Hard Drive Users (Firmware Bug Bricks Drives on Reboot)

    I had purchased a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 7 months ago from Newegg in a package deal. 500GB drive and full copy of Vista Ultimate 64 for $175. What a deal! Now i realize they were just trying to unload them. The bad part is even on Seagates forums, they rarely if at all monitor it. And Seagate really doesn't admit there is a problem. There was multiple 175 page threads on this subject. Their customer service sucks.

    I had flashed mine to the SD1A before using it since i knew there may be a problem. At least i thought i did. It worked fine for 6 months until one day i had a boot error. Could not even see the drive in BIOS. I talked to 4 different techs from Seagate thru email before i got an RMA #. 3 techs told me it sounded like the firmware bug and one said since i flashed my drive they would not be responsible for the data recovery. I started to get a little nasty with him and he gave me an RMA#. They did get it flashed and running, and back to me within 6 days but this was I365 (Seagates own data recovery company) that communicated very well and worked quick to get it back to me. Funny thing was i flashed it to the SD1A before using it and it still bricked. At least i could have swore i saw SD1A somewhere after i was done.

    But i ordered another drive to replace this one and will not be using Seagate again. Mainly because they refused to acknowledge they had a big problem. I thought that very few would have this problem and it wouldn't happen to me, but it did. Figures.
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    Default Re: Warning to ALL SEAGATE Hard Drive Users (Firmware Bug Bricks Drives on Reboot)

    Yeah its s shame when companies refuse to own up to there mistak. Biggest pisser was that at first they were like its not the bios bug based on the serial number you gave us. I use to strictly only buy seagate drives but after that horrible episode not only do I have 2 backups but I also buy other manufacturers.
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