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Thread: HD Tune and Screensaver ?

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    Default HD Tune and Screensaver ?

    I've been doing some testing in HD Tune and noticed a really strange behaviour. My mobo is a Gigabyte MA780G UD3H with SB700 southbridge and I keep having a feeling that my very old sk754 Nforce4-4x based Asus K8N4-E SE had much better SATA performance that this new board.
    (Please, if this thread should be in the chipsets forum, a mod could move it?)
    When the screensaver starts (when about 2/3 of the test is done) a noticeable negative peak (a decrease from about 59 to 46 MB/sec) can be seen for a quick time (then I've rapdily moved the mouse).
    The system drive (where obviously de screensaver is located) is a Samsung 640GB while the tested drive was an empty, freshly formated partiotion on a Seagate 320GB.
    This behaviour is reporducible (I've tested different cluster sizes and every time the screensaver started the same short decrease was recorded).

    How could a sata controller be so sensible to i/o requests on different drives? I thought it can handle 6 sata drives - but if only one additional request decreases the transfer speed by about 20-25% then having 4 or 5 drives would bring the system on its knees?
    I am quite dissapointed. Could someone please shed some light? Is this happening on ICH southbridges too?
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