I decided to go with an NAS in combination with a popcorn hour, instead of a HTCP, since, for my purpose, i have no advantage from a HTCP versus the NAS-PCH.

But now the question rest, which to buy?

My eye fell on the two below, which meet my needs and fall in the price-range i am in.

- Netgear ReadyNAS Duo RND2000

- Synology Diskstation DS207+


I like the Netgear ReadyNAS Duo for a couple of reasons:

+ 256MB DDR SO-DIMM Memory (Expandable to 1x 1024MB PC3200)
+ 64MB Embbeded Flash Memory
+ Netgear Auto-Expandable X-Raid*
+ Hot-swappable trays
+ 5 Years of warranty (2years with DS207)
+ Lot's of Add-ons (+ 3th-party)

*With X-Raid i can attach a 500GB and 1TB drive, and put them in Raid 1.
I have 500GB of space then. When i replace the 500GB with 1TB, 1 get 1TB of space in RAID1 with all the data intact, so without formatting, i can upgrade.

Like the idea.


But are there any downsides that i don't know about the Netgear?
Or are there other reasons why i should go with Synology?