hey everyone,

i bought 10 500GB samsung F1s just before xmas deal was too good to miss out on. out of that 4 didnt work, so i shiped them of under warranty, they use a company called rexo who handles there warranty claims.

got 4 refurb drives back out of that 2 didnt work, so i shipped the other 2 back AGAIN! im just waiting on replacements now.

has anyone else had issues with samsungs? they get mad reviews everywhere and the first 6 that worked are fine.

this has put me off samsung altogether, there support sucks and they insist on sending refurbs drives which obviously are faulty?

ive always been a die hard maxtor fan over the years and never had a drive fail and ive been using them since my first 10gig hard drive to put in a old p2 400mhz ystem.

has anyone else had similiar experiances and which HD manufacturer has the best customer support for warranty?