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Thread: Rebuild MFT

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    Default Rebuild MFT

    OK this may seem like a strange question, but is there anyway to rebuild the master file table? Here's the situation: I was repartitioning my harddrive which was split like this |26GB WinXP boot||~294GB Data| to 30GB and 290GB respectively. After the partitioning was done (using a LiveCD and Gparted), I got a disk read error. After some further probing with TestDisk, I found out that the number of cylinders was being misreported. I must have been out of it, because I then - for some unknown reason - decided to rebuild my MFT from the MFT mirror. I'm assuming that the mirror was outdated and did not match up with the new indexes because I can no longer view any files on the WinXp partition. Is there anyway to do a rebuild of the previous MFT (no backup available) or recover the files?

    It's not actually that pressing of an issue. I was planning on reformatting the drive this weekend anyways. Maybe it was actually a blessing in disguise. But for future reference, is there anyway to rebuild the MFT? My first reaction would have been to use the mirror as a backup, but.... seeing as that's what caused the problems in the first place...

    <!-- google_ad_section_end --> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message -->I may have found a way to fix this. It seems that TestDisk is still able to read the files from the partition (I'm not exactly sure how.) So right now, I'm copying the files to another harddrive and then going to see if I can transfer it back to the WinXP partition. I'll post again with results.

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    Default Re: Rebuild MFT

    Don't know for certain if this is what you are after, but on the last sector of the drive is a copy of the MFT, or at least the first 1MB of it. Beyond that you may be out of luck.
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