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Thread: Different Hard Drive`s and performance

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    Question Different Hard Drive`s and performance

    In my box I have 2 WD 500gb SATA 300 hard drives which are identical.
    My computer has spare SATA connectors on the MB as well as a IDE drive connector. I have a spare IDE HD 250gb 133mhz made by samsung and also a spare SATA 250GB 150 which is a Maxtor. I would like to put these drives into my present system and use them for storage.

    Can this be done without impeding the performance of the present SATA 300`s?

    I know that in the days of IDE set as master / slave the faster drive always slowed to the slower drives speed. But I am wondering if its still the same even though they are all on different connectors and there would be no system files on either of these older slower drives.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me as I am told no they will be fine as they are on there own inputs and there is no OS or system files on them and then I also hear that yes the computer will slow to the slowest drive namely the IDE 133MHZ

    Any help here would be appreciated.
    Yes a caddy would be useful but my desk is cluttered my power outlets are at the max so in the box would be preferential and i would like to use the drives i have. but losing performance is not an option.

    Many thanks


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    Default Re: Different Hard Drive`s and performance

    Should not be an issue. Unlike the old IDE platforms, SATA ports all run independently on the system so you are not chained to the slowest drive that happens to be on the ribbon cable. I have run different speed drives in a box at work with no problems at all.
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    Wink Re: Different Hard Drive`s and performance

    Hi Darth,

    Many thanks for your reply dude. I`ll get the drives slapped in tomorrow.
    I only require then for storage and couldn't see how it could be an issue.
    But you know how it is when looking up information and discovering only contradiction

    Nice one dude

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    Thumbs up Re: Different Hard Drive`s and performance

    To update and end the thread.......................

    I installed X 1 250gb IDE drive and X1 120gb SATA 150 into the system and it works as sweet as a nut.
    There are no issues with performance I have tested marked and so on.

    Nice one Darthtanion


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