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Thread: Copying data from old to new hd?

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    What about the various dll's and shared files the programs install and use? When you clear out an OS that has had these files, then how can the programs work once those files aren't there?

    I understand that some programs are minimal enough to not have these various components, but it is my understanding that most most do have them.
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    With some programs that have to insert files into the os you will have to run their setups again but all your saved games, settings, and other things will still be there. ;)

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    A lot of programs nowadays don't install all that many files in other folders apart from their own. The ones that do are usually pretty common files, which would be installed from something else, but they install it by default to make sure it's there.

    A lot of program recreate any lost registry settings too the first time you run them, so that's no loss either. You encounter things like what Darth said with Diablo II, but it's not really all that important.

    The only game I haven't seen run from doing this was Alien vs Predator 2.. It wanted me to install it everytime I ran the main executable... but that's about it.

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