I have a Seagate 500GB drive that got bit by the firmware bug. Luckily they got it fixed, but it scared me into thinking i had lost alot of stuff. Even since backing everything up 6 months ago. So i have the 500GB drive back in and ordered a 1TB WD drive. I do some High Definition editing so i need the 1 TB of space for sure.

I try to read up on computer things whenever i can but i always realize i am way behind most people. I don't know much about Raid arrays or even using a second HD for that matter. I do want to use both HD's, one as a backup. Copy most everything on both. Wouldn't i want an OS on both, in case one drive goes down? Can you have OS's on both? What would be the best way of going about this, and copying new data to the new drive daily or weekly?

This whole Seagate bug thing has me super paranoid about HD failures, and i am just wanting one drive to be usable if the other goes bad.

Thanks, Jerry.