I have 6 WD 320's. 2 are in an older computer running W7 32-bit in Raid 1. I have had no issues with them. In the last 4 months in this computer, I have RMA'd 3 of these, due to the Intel Matrix telling me they have failed, and tried them in different ports, etc. I still have the same problem. 2 days to 2 weeks after I rebuild the failed drive it does it again. The strange thing to me about it is, it is always on th e same port. Port 0. The reason I ask here is because it is a GA-EX38DS4 board. My OS is W7 64-bit. The bios is last released one for this board. Q9300 processor and 4G of ram. I would appreciate any insight into this, or if more info is needed let me know.