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RAID enabled systems
Redundant Array of Independent Drives (RAID) refers to multiple independent disks combined to form one logical drive. The main objective of this technology is to improve storage system performance, data protection, and increase fault-tolerance.
This technology provides support for the following features:
■ Intel® Rapid Recover Technology
This technology provides full data redundancy by copying data from a designated source drive (i.e., master disk) to a designated destination drive (i.e., recovery disk). Data updates of recovery volumes can be continuous or on request.
■ Intel® Rapid RAID
This technology provides the ability to create RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 volumes on desktop and mobile platforms. Data is distributed across two or more disks to provide data redundancy or to enhance data storage performance.
■ Intel® Matrix RAID Technology
This technology allows two independent RAID volumes to be created on a single array. The first volume occupies part of the array, leaving space for the second volume. The array may consist of two to six SATA disks depending on the volume types.
■ Volume migration
This feature provides support for converting system data into a high-performance or protection RAID configuration.
■ Volume size increase
This feature allows you to increase the data storage capacity of a volume by utilizing 100% of the available array space or by adding one or more SATA disk to an existing volume.
Our application also provides support for the following features:
• Password-protected disks
This feature provides high-level security and protection for the data on your disks with a password, denying access from any unauthorized user.
• Trim (Microsoft Windows 7* only)
This feature provides support for solid state disks (SSDs) that meet the ATA-8 protocol requirements. This feature optimizes write operations, helps devices reduce wear, and maintains unused storage area on devices as large as possible.