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Thread: Possible fried hard drive - what caused this (I was grounded)

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    Default Possible fried hard drive - what caused this (I was grounded)

    I believe I just friend my Raptor drive. I've had it for 3-4 years (since ArmA I came out), it has served me well. I picked it up and felt a small shock but I'm unsure how this could have happened.

    I have been working with electronics for close to 20 years, since I was a little kid. I ALWAYS ground myself. Its a routine that I have never-ever forgotten or failed to do. I was getting ready to put my drive back into my system after a thorough system cleaning and while grounded to the chassis i picked up the Raptor and that's when i felt the small zap. Now the drive is giving me corruption errors out the rear end.

    Could the drive or chassis been charged? Could I have still been charged even though i was touching the chassis with my hand?

    The system was unplugged, and had been for a couple hours so I doubt the system was still electrified. I'm guessing I probably touched the control card and something shorted. I tried a different SATA port, and put a working drive into the port the Raptor was in and everything else appears fine.

    edit: forgot to include this. my eventlog is littered with the following and the errors start up pretty much immediately after booting into windows, check disk is finding corrupt attribute records and orphan files:
    Level: ERROR
    Source: Ntfs
    EventID 55
    Tast Category (2)
    The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume \Device\HarddiskVolume5.
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    Default Re: Possible fried hard drive - what caused this (I was grounded)

    Most likely you've still had some electrical charge possible from clothes...anyway if you don't have important data on the drive try to do a low level format and see if it's usable again.

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    Default Re: Possible fried hard drive - what caused this (I was grounded)

    Copy what data you can out of it quickly and send it on it's way for RMA, nothing much else you can do.

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